Clare’s Accreditations

I have attended a diverse range of animal related courses during my continued professional career, below is a list of just some of the more recent and most relevant accreditations attained, and courses attended.

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  • Companion Animal Tellington TTouch Training

    clare with a meerkat

    ‘The Tellington TTouch is a kind and respectful way of working with animals to help them overcome a variety of health and behavioural issues. It is now widely used around the world by trainers, shelter workers, vets, physiotherapists, behaviour counsellors, veterinary nurses, competition riders, riding instructors and animal owners’. (
    I have attended 2 x two day courses, 4 x six day courses and assisted on 1 x one day course and 1 x two day course, to date. I continue to work towards qualifying as a Companion Animal Practitioner.

    By: Sarah Fisher / Robyn Hood / Tina Constance / Toni Shelbourne

  • ‘Improving Relationship, Performance & Behaviour with Tellington TTouch Training’

    Run by Toni Shelbourne, and assisted by myself, this course looked at; utilising the Tellington TTouch Training methods to treat a number of behavioural dog problems. It also taught owners and professional to use the methods to assist dogs recovering from illness or injury.

    By: Toni Shelbourne

  • ‘Jim Crosby Seminar’


  • ‘Self Control Weekend’

    Pauline Jackson and Marie Miller 2014

  • ‘The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference’

    Victoria Stilwell, Chirag Patel, Jim Crosby, Sarah Fisher, Beverley Cuddy, Trevor Cooper 2014

  • ‘Dogs that Bite and Fight’

    David Ryan 2014

  • ‘Treating Dog to Dog Reactivity’

    Patricia B. McConnell DVD Seminar 2014

  • ‘The Human Half of Dog Training’

    Rise VanFleet APBC 2014

  • ‘Fearful Fidos, Run-away Rovers and Howling Hounds’

    Kristina Glover and Nicole Harris 2014

  • Dog law for KCAI

    This seminar was aimed at covering the KCAI (The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour) module A8 – Laws & Responsibilities. Presented by solicitor Trevor Cooper it included law for the protection of the dog, protection from the dog, DDA 1991, byelaws, business laws and educating clients.

    By: Trevor Cooper

  • Understanding Your Dog – Why they behave the way they do


    Presented by Carolyn Menteith this course covered different breeds, canine development, differing behavioural patterns and the reasons, and training techniques; inclusive of motivations and interactions with owners.

    By: Carolyn Menteith

  • Breed Training

    A specialised breed department within BDCH, this course examined a number of breeds that often require specialised kennels, understanding, training and stimulation within a rescue kennels environment.

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • Wolf Conservation Trust Visit

    Run by Toni this course examined the behaviour & welfare management of a collection of captive bred wolves.

    By: Toni Shelbourne

  • My Dogs, My Teachers

    This 2 day course, run by Nina, examined canine signalling and communication. Techniques were demonstrated for modifying ‘unwanted’ behaviours. This course was both practical and lecture based.

    By: Nina Bondarenko

  • Rescue & Working Dogs


    A specialised department within BDCH, this course introduced the breeds, behavioural traits and how to spot and test for them, that may make a dog more suitable for a ‘working’ lifestyle (Police, Customs and Excise etc.)

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • Pet Bereavement Course

    Run by the Pet bereavement Support Service this course was aimed at Animal Care and Welfare Professionals. It examined the human and companion animal bond, patterns of human grief, owner support interventions and ways to support professional staff.

    By: Blue Cross – Pet Bereavement Support Service

  • Separating Dog Fights

    Purely a theory based lecture this course looked at behavioural differences between dogs fighting, squabbling and playing.

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs

    This seminar, run by David Ryan, examined the reasons for the ‘problem’, suggested more effective solutions and possible ways to control the behaviour.

    By: David Ryan

  • Feline Behaviour


    A lecture and hands-on based course run by the experienced feline care team at BDCH. The course demonstrated behavioural patterns, ‘unwanted’ behaviours, motivations and behaviour modification methods.

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • Pet Hydro / Physiotherapy Lecture

    Presented by Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals this course demonstrated their work in pet rehabilitation using Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy.

    By: Greyfriars

  • Pole Training

    This course demonstrated the correct and professional use of a dog pole, whilst causing as minimal distress possible to a dog. Within certain environments a dog may be too distressed / aroused to be handled safely during a certain time, often they are in a heightened state and do not act ‘normally’. This is a specialised piece of dog handling equipment and I do NOT advocate its use unless used by a trained professional within a specialised dog field / facility.
    I do not use it as part of VIP Animals.

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • Practical Dog Training

    A practical hands-on training course, it taught a number of positive training methods with different canine breeds.

    By: Nina Bondarenko

  • Puppy Assessor Training


    As with the Dog Assessor Training this course assessed puppies helping to identify any with possible behavioural issues within the rescue environment (BDCH – London).

    Whilst on this course I first met our current dog, a puppy with a number of behavioural issues, who now lives with my partner and I.

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • Section 1 Dog Identification Training

    This course dealt with the law according to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (amended 1997). It also covered the identification of the named breeds and breed types.

    By: Trevor Cooper

  • Canine Welfare & Rehabilitation

    This 4 day course, run by John Rogerson, examined various areas involved within Canine Welfare and Rehabilitation, including legislation. This course was both practical and lecture based.

    By: John Rogerson

  • Dog Assessor Training

    This course was part of the Behavioural Staff training for assessing and evaluating dogs, often with no prior history, within a rescue environment (BDCH – London). This can be a complex process, depending on the individual dog, taking into account a wide variety of behavioural tests. Throughout my position at BDCH, as their first Senior Behaviourist, this training continued through in-house courses and experience. I was also involved in training staff from other departments, and volunteers, in recognising behavioural traits in dogs, utilising environmental stimulation and various positive interactive training methods.

    By: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH)

  • HND (Foundation Degree) Animal Behaviour – distinction

    An HND 2 year full time course at BCA in ‘Animal Behaviour’, now a Foundation Degree. I qualified with distinction. Over the two years modules included Animal Science, Animal Handling, Animal Behaviour, Animal Training and Learning, Animal Health, Breeding and Nutrition and Animal Welfare.

    By: Buckinghamshire New University

Additional animal related courses attended;

  • Donkey Care – Stage One
  • Livanti Alpacas
  • Management Network Training for Managers with Animal Collections & Learners
  • Reptile Management Workshop
  • VetNet LLN Conference – Zoological Collections